Attention Attorneys:

Do You Want to Increase Case Value, Save Attorney Time & Do it without Breaking the Bank?

Physicians are now available to do pre-trial/pre-litigation medical consulting for your Personal Injury and Workers Compensation cases. The consistent feedback from your colleagues is that we are helping to increase case value in cases that are settled.

    • Work Done by Licensed U.S. Physicians
    • All Consultations are Pre-Trial/Pre-Litigation
    • Reasonable Fees
    • Medical Summary Reports
    • IME Observation & IME Rebuttal Reports
    • Many Other Kinds of Medical/Legal Consultation

    We are all busy and the services we offer are not currently part of your standard operating procedure. Watch the Further Info video right now to avoid missing this opportunity.

    If you are open to new ideas, call 800-208-5138 or take a look at this valuable new resource for you and your clients.